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Life is Unfair

September 20, 2009
By Ruberz GOLD, Dearborn, Michigan
Ruberz GOLD, Dearborn, Michigan
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Life is unfair if you think about it,
It can be for the rich, the poor, the hungry, the not fit.

Life hurts if you really know,
Perhaps a loved one dies, you don't wanna grow,

Life is full of chances, or so they say,
But for me I missed my only one, anyway,

Life can be good or bad,
Probably the best thing you've ever had,

Life can be hard to interpret,
To bad you don't have a flying carpet,

Life is hard to run away from,
If you think so, no offense, you're dumb,

Life is unfair if you know,
That every problem does not have a solution, but you still disagree by no,

Every tear you cry about life,
Will drop to the ground, out of your sight.

The author's comments:
Wrote it in 6th grade.

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