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The Beginning

September 18, 2009
By Laurennnn PLATINUM, Sadieville, Kentucky
Laurennnn PLATINUM, Sadieville, Kentucky
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"To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people merely exist, that is all." -Oscar Wilde

Darkness covered everything,
beyond this was nothingness.
Then, a flash of light,
a crash of sound.

A ball of fire
Racing across the sky,
Zooming to it’s place in our universe.
It’s children,
smaller, but still brilliant,
hurrying after it.

Rocks appeared from thin air,
between the darkness and the light
the rocks found a home.
After they were cozy
green grass grew,
fuchsia flowers flourished.

Mountains sprung up from the ground.
Rain fell,
it trickled down the mountains’ cheeks.
Forests formed,
Life leaped from the oceans.

Behind the rocks,
in the depth of the darkness
A shimming orb formed.
It laid it’s head
across from the burning ball of fire.

While this happened,
man arose from the dirt.
He named the ball of fire the sun.
It’s children the stars.
The glowing orb the moon.

He called the beasts and the birds forward,
naming them one by one.

Then, the creator was lonely no more.
It was finally still,
His creation was finished.

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