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September 5, 2009
By Layton GOLD, Abilene, Texas
Layton GOLD, Abilene, Texas
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Life has come by so fast,
stop to think and you're in last.
Swinging by to meet a friend,
fly away to catch The End.
Nothing here that I can do,
waiting till departures due.
Paint it black stains my thoughts,
another song they have bought.
Confused I don't know how to feel,
all emotions out to steal.
White Ox seems to stare me back,
the only thing that will not stack.
Problems in my boring life,
hanging like a deadly knife.
Curse the God of Procrastination,
put it off till determination.
Hits me in my weakest stage,
confusing eerie early age.

The author's comments:
I wrote this when I found i had to go to the states which ruined my whole summer.

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