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September 2, 2009
By forloveofart BRONZE, Waddy, Kentucky
forloveofart BRONZE, Waddy, Kentucky
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Favorite Quote:
Every time we learn something, we suffer a sense of loss.

Meet me.
Meet me in the jungle
Where the grass meets the sky.

We’ll run away together,
Behind the moon,
Just you and I,
Starry eyes.

Follow me,
Take my hand.
We’ll dive into the milky way
And swim until we reach the end.

Trust me.

We can make it,
Feeding off of light.

All we need’s each other
Until the walls
Become the sky.

We will travel,
Footprints yellow,
Drinking purple
As we sing
Of how they dance
The night away,
Swaying with the wind
Until the moon begins to sway.

The author's comments:
Well, I was painting randomly on a big canvas when I was upset and this just kinda... occurred to me...

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