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August 31, 2009
By Morgan Hildebrecht BRONZE, Cumming, Georgia
Morgan Hildebrecht BRONZE, Cumming, Georgia
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We all regret some words we speak
When we’re mad at someone we love
And there are words we forget to say
Like the words I love you

When we leave for a trip
Or head out to the store
But it never occurs to say I love you
Because we might not see them anymore

We don’t worry
We think they’re safe
Until we hear the telephone ring
When we pick up it’s the local sheriffs’ office

They said there was an accident
A drunk driver on his way home
Was driving on the wrong side
He hit my brother’s car and sent it spinning

When we arrived we were told the worst
My brother died instantly
From the impact of the crash to his head
He felt no pain

My dad and mom went into his room
When they returned my dad holding my mother
She was crying
Then it was my brother and my turn

I saw his cold lifeless body
Covered in blood and bruises
A gash above his left eye
That would have needed stitches

My brother lost all control
His best friend gone now he’s alone
He mumbled some words I’m not allowed to repeat
I was still, the world had frozen

The guy who was made me laugh was gone
And I had nothing to say
I couldn’t cry it took awhile to comprehend
But I did my share of crying the day after

The funeral was hard to see all his friends
His girlfriend, his teachers
It was my time to go up and say
A few words about him

A few words could not explain the life he led
The memories he left behind
But time will go on
The pain will heal
And we will all LIVE

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Brndi said...
on Sep. 11 2009 at 12:42 pm
this poem is so good.. i can feel all of the emotion to it.. good work keep writing!!=]