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Civil War

April 19, 2023
By KaiTrammell PLATINUM, Highwood, Montana
KaiTrammell PLATINUM, Highwood, Montana
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Civil War


I’ll wave my white flag

Wandering through the crossfire

Dodging bullets

But sometimes I am hit

A pain in my my side grows

The red blood seeps through my clothes

Drenching my shirt with a silvery smell

I am hit with bullets from my own side

Hit with friendly fire

Hit with words that smear my face with blood

This war lives within my own home

A civil war between two sides

Both I want to love

But I’ve learned to know better

Than to trust someone

Who I know will shoot again

The author's comments:

This is about my parents, more specifically my dad. I feel like he wants to tel me that he’s on my side when in reality he’s the one shooting back at me

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