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March 16, 2023
By KaiTrammell PLATINUM, Highwood, Montana
KaiTrammell PLATINUM, Highwood, Montana
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Ever since I saw you again you’ve been cold, it seemed as if a freezing sheet of frost covered the skin that I used to hold so perfectly. She could melt the ice nevertheless, as she touched your skin the ice crystals would thaw and perfect spring flowers would bloom from your skin. They looked too diffrent to the flowers that would sprout after I touched you. Your cold figure shadowed me and frosted me over too, problem is I have no one to thaw me. I whisped around you following closely behind for any sign you wanted me to come closer. Your eyes flickered at me like a flame showing the smallest sign that it was ready to burn out. I felt your sharp eyes score my wretched heart, I went dizzy but remained still. That was when you began to reach. Everyday you stepped closer, laughed a little more let me get a little closer before shying away. Your smile flashed me back to the days we savored so sweetly. The day you fell asleep in class and let me doodle on your hand was the day began to wonder if we’d ever be what we were. Your cool hand resting in mine, your soft hair left braided in my palm. Would your hand ever rest there intentionally? Would you ever sweep my hair between your fingers as you used to? Would it ever be the way it was? Back when you were mine? As I held your hand there drawing in your palm, the touch of you began to sprout wildflowers from my arms and as I watched, small delicate rosed may have began to grow from the tips of your fingers. It may have just been a trick of the light, but I’ll always believe that I could see the reddening of the roses. 

The author's comments:

This is about someone (you know who you are) who I miss a lot. I feel like my world is upside down and only they are the ones who can spin it right side up. They have someone else know but I still can’t help but hold onto the feeling that there’s something there just waiting to be discovered.

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