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Fought The Glitch

March 8, 2023
By DrunkVanilla PLATINUM, Çatalköy, Other
DrunkVanilla PLATINUM, Çatalköy, Other
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my mind is g-glitching.

can’t f**king think strai-ight. 

when i offer my w0rds to this paper-r

th3y go invisible

as if they don’t ex-i-ist. 

do i exist?

why-y should i?

no one-e w4nts to see me anyway-y. 


that’s enough. 

stand up. 


you can’t hide yourself. 

you have to stand tall.

with confidence. 

you are who you are

and no one can change that. 

except for you. 

you are a rose. 

roses have thorns. 

but that’s what makes you so beautiful-

the danger and risk that’s enclosed in the flower.

everything is scary



but will that stop the wind from blowing?

it can cause a hurricane

or a big-a** storm.


it can guide fluffy clouds

in the direction of the untold ice castle

it can blow leaves and scatter seeds

spreading life beyond its cozy cottage.

giving life

a reason to live. 

that’s what we were meant to do. 

no more gli-itching. 

no m0re hidin-ng. 

we will shine bright 

like stars in the dark, night sky

puff out our chests

show everyone who’s boss

because we are the boss

and don’t you let

anyone tell you anything


and guess what?

if you start to doubt yourself

just look in the mirror

and remind yourself

that you fought the glitch

you became the wind

the very wind that feeds storm

and threatens the trees

and gives us reason to love

and cry

and shine

The author's comments:

insecurities are one of the terrible truths of the world- that's why i wrote this poem: to show people that it doesn't matter what you look like or how smart you are, it matters who you are on the inside. we are passionate, lovable human beings, and so if someone doesn't like you for who you are, they don't deserve you. yes, everyone has flaws, but it's no use dwelling on things we can't change about ourselves. a rose without thorns is just wrong- so accept yourself and everyone else will, too.

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