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Unspoken Silence

January 19, 2023
By Anonymous

Unspoken Silence

Groove and move to the sound of the beat

No sound in sight, yet, the music transfers to my feet

I tap, and tap, how tranquil I must be

Independent, yet synchronized, in my head it repeats

Feelings of, determination and confidence, rushes up my spine 

Feel the rhythm, and groove, that flows…. straight to your mind

Your eyes and ears, from the bass to the groove

To the tones, and colors, shapes, the alleviating mood

Raspy woodwinds and piano acoustics

Strums of guitars, bass…

and drums, so… diluted

All so connected with sound.. that… illuminates

Technology not in sight.


A new way to communicate

A wave of silence. Water on a beach 




No sound until the whistling wind, crashing tide, and seagulls from above 

Hits you like a song, singing in your head.

With the powerful sound of jazz in this presented image of figures,

The unspoken silence speaks more.. than a picture.

The author's comments:

This piece was created in a creative writing class. It was inspired by the famous painting Jammin 'At The Savoy, and I intended to utilized vivid language and imagery to make the reader feel as if they were present in the artwork.

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