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Mind Climb

January 19, 2023
By Cforcina13 BRONZE, Wilmington, Massachusetts
Cforcina13 BRONZE, Wilmington, Massachusetts
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Am I too heavy

Do my worries tangle into your mind

Whatever is easiest for you to carry

Do all of my efforts amount to anything?


Strap me to the hood of the car

Tie cords to secure me in

Buckle down the locks

Drive off with me on top

Or don’t

Whatever works the best for you


Taking the weight off your shoulders

Drop me to the ground string lights fading barely still there

Please consider yourself first

Think of my obligations last


Tack me onto the back of your spilling satchel

Tug me along as if not been standing crudely beside you the whole time

Ignore me

Use carabiners to connect me to the lives you’ve stuffed and suffocated in your overthought


Cradle me on top the white caps until I’ve gathered enough heat

When you’re getting too tired or too immersed by the chills of the wind

Let me loose

Rope me to the snow covered peaks and save yourself

I’m sure I’ll be fine


Whatever satisfies you the most

Fill yourself to the brim with my structure until you see a whole you in the mirror


Stare back at my own bloodshot discolored pupils

Am I noticeable enough to stay in your view

Is your peripheral closing

Ticking time bomb

Have I become too persistent as to be uninteresting?



I plead

I beg

Whatever is your internal solution

Push me aside for your own benefit

Milk my spirits until there’s none left to take again


Whichever option is less necessary

Please don’t choose that one


My mind body soul fatigue cannot any longer take the inconsistent

Unconscious spirits that you bring

Smother me in your arms

Stitch us together

So I don’t have to drag myself through Another cautionary tale

The author's comments:

Wrote this during a time of severe denial, didn’t know drained and exhausted I was from this person but now I see clarity in it. 

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