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The Broken Liar and Pride of Man

September 27, 2022
By AtlasK PLATINUM, Tirana, Other
AtlasK PLATINUM, Tirana, Other
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I once wrote a poem of a Broken Liar
And the strong pride of a Man
It was a story to tell
Though it would never sell
Unlike the lies they have told
A paradox within itself you could say

The Broken was youthful at the time
Hoping for something to change
But the Prideful Old Man didn't believe
A Liar could speak a single truth
That was his downfall his unbelief
That leads the Liar to abhor

Little did the Man know
The Liar had much more in store
But the Liar won't tell, at least not yet
While the danger still lurks of abandonment
'Tis sad that the Liar feels so down
Wishes that they won't wake up in the morn'

But who is to blame but the Prideful Man
Who never cared about his child
Pride and anger consumed his soul
But no one could ever tell him so
And in the wake of his destruction
Left a liar, broken, unable to function

The struggles and hardships wear on the Broken
For years and years until their heart split open
Desperately trying to pick up the pieces
Only to have them swept from their hands
Turning back from glass to grains of sand
There's nothing left of them but a hollow chest

The Broken Liar so weary and tearful
Sought to cut the pain out of their emptiness
Thinking maybe they were better off as dead
But the Prideful Man was oblivious to this
As he was oblivious to everything
Only cared about what the Broken could achieve

This only made the Broken more loathsome
The world had drained them of life
Yet it still desired to take more
If only the Old Man could see the tears
Feel the pain or even hear their thoughts
He would understand the fragility of a child

To open his eyes, realize the effect he made
No child should be struck by hands or words
Made to think their always at fault
Made to stay cautious and keep their mouth shut
Made to take not a step out of line
For fear of what punishments they will gain

And as the child grows older, both body and mind
They do not care what will happen this time
Nothing the Old Man can say will ever matter
To the Broken Liar who's life becomes satire
A simple lie or confrontation is all it takes
To make the Prideful Old Man go away

But to stay away is a different matter
He will come back at the next opposition
Just to yell the Broken into to submission
The Broken Liar is far past that though
The yelling no longer makes them fear or cry
Only annoyed the Old Man won't stop his wailing

Now the Prideful Old Man wonders why
The Broken Liar has no respect for him
Only wishes that he would die
It would take a weight off their shoulders
But still there are many boulders
That the Broken carries on their back

So this is the story of the Broken Liar
And a Prideful Old Man with one desire
Through blood they are related
But in thought he is hated
And the life that he had destroyed
The Broken Liar that carries the world.

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