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You and me

July 23, 2022
By Ruby66yugai BRONZE, 上海, Other
Ruby66yugai BRONZE, 上海, Other
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After eight years of silence

You finally made your dream come true

Get the perfect medal

Fearless of all obstacles

Not afraid of getting lost


The road to growth is full of trials and hardships

Although there is always too much confusion on this way

Despite the fall and also bravely forward

Go ahead and proceed even if there is disappointment


Even if time is in a hurry

Banish most of the memories

But I will always remember you

Even if the distance is too far

We can only talk across the coast

I will cross the sea without turning back

Running in your direction

I believe I will reach the destination in my dream


Turn back the clock to that day

When memories come back

Tears, laughter and sadness

Every moment at that time

The sky was full of stars

The story freezes at this chapter


Believe that love will make us strong

Imprint a mark on our mind

See a familiar smile

See the banners fluttering

See your clear eyes 

See you won't give up

You will always be my light

The author's comments:

This is an inspirational poem, but also a poem about love. I not only want to express that there will be a harvest as long as you work hard. We all start small and end great. Besides, I also want to write to the person I love and the person I want to guard for my whole life. I hope we can make progress together and finally reach the next level

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