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June 9, 2022
By KdramaObsession PLATINUM, Tacoma, Washington
KdramaObsession PLATINUM, Tacoma, Washington
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Favorite Quote:
“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”

– Bernard M. Baruch

Your curious about anxiety

There’s a few

I’ll describe its impact on me in today’s society

It’ll be from my point of view 

Dark room 



That it’s just my imagination 

I fear of everyone leaving

I’m always talking

 Making sure you don’t turn away

Yeah, my mind can be very deceiving

Never knew that I could be my own prey

I’m afraid of the way people will think of me

On how I walk

Make sure to not trip on a rock

Speaking clearly

So they won’t make fun of how I talk

I hate photos

Looking at myself, makes me worry

If I do take one, it’ll be blurry

I overthink

On how I pose

Seeing what and what doesn’t show

Looking at it too long

Gosh, now I hate my nose

Thinking I always have an audience

It’s the eyes

It’s the made up comments in my head

Having the silent cries

Don’t wanna deal with this

No, I’d rather be dead

When I get yelled at, it isn’t a big deal

I do mess up sometimes

But somehow I always cry

Even for the smallest things

No, I don’t know why

I try to hold it in 

Now I feel the tear fall off my cheek

I force a grin

My face feels weak

I’m feel like the joker

They don’t accept my excuses

Because they are mediocre

I just want to restart

Ask god

“Hey can you leave out anxiety, it tears me apart”

Feeling the pounding in my heart

Leaving early

So I have a head start

All the headaches

Have to take Advil

Not just my mind, my body’s indecisive

Is it hot in here, now I got the chills

Can never watch the news

Because every days there’s a new crisis

The knot in my throat

Leads to the bottom of my stomach

Look in the mirror, did I bloat?

Deep thoughts begin to plummet

You probably think this is all pretty cliche

All this together, is half of what I feel everyday

The author's comments:

I think we all feel somewhat like this once in a while

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