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A Very Interesting Walk

May 27, 2022
By Itsmaanya_25 PLATINUM, Indore, Other
Itsmaanya_25 PLATINUM, Indore, Other
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Yesterday I slept at night,
and woke up at the first ray of sunlight.
Got ready to go for a walk,
with my mother to talk.

Our walk was very solemn and sad,
why I said this, My bad!
Cause as soon as we reached the turn,
funny things started to churn.

We encountered a dog,
who was lazing around on a log.
He started to follow us,
What a wuss!
Finally we had to pick a cane,
but we got none on the lane.
Desperate for a stick,
we finally got one near a brick.
The stick itself was a masterpiece,
shaped just like the crooked nose
of my least favourite niece.

We were entering the next block,
when our trip turned into a heritage walk.
Cause we saw a statue of the God,
I told my mother I recognized this Lord.
My mother’s reaction to this was extremely funny,
she said it must be my uncle with his fat, little tummy.

We had just reached an alley,
when my super genius of a mother started to explain a theory.
Her theory was so cool,
you’ll melt in an ice filled pool.
Her theory will take half a book,
so it’s better if you didn’t have a look.

At last,
we reached the final stage of our past.
To make our walk more interesting,
I started dancing in a manner very disgusting.
It could be called a Shin Chan dance,
very hilarious for the people who took a glance.

I hope tomorrow, instead, I go for a jog,
without any dance, stick or dog.


But I would sulken,
Cause it would be so sad and solemn.
so, for my better health,
a hysterical walk is prescribed by my doctor Beth.

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