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What If?

April 28, 2022
By Itsmaanya_25 PLATINUM, Indore, Other
Itsmaanya_25 PLATINUM, Indore, Other
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What if the scar is too deep?
What if ‘I’m Sorry’ isn’t enough?
What if the time has passed,
To take back the words you said in a huff?
What if?

What if it wasn’t your fault at first?
What if the sorry made it worse?
What if you were made to believe,
Your actions are a thoughtless impulse?
What if?

What if both of you were guilty?
What if both of you want back that trust?
What if you are the only one to apologize,
While the other person broke you first?
What if?

What if you are the only one to care?
What if it’s time to slide down that crest?
What if it’s the end of the high?
What if it’s for the best?
What if?

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