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Loss of Future

April 7, 2022
By mtaylor2025 GOLD, Mexico, Missouri
mtaylor2025 GOLD, Mexico, Missouri
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I want to delete the future. 

Not of life, 

but of chance. 

The chance I have to fall for another like you. 

Another who will cause me to stumble. 

Someone who will defeat me. 

To show me what I lack, 

to hijack my heart, 

making me think you're leading us both to a field of clovers. 

But the field is covered in traps. 

Obstacles for us to face, the lace of the particles of life intertwine, 

pulling back the field of clovers to reveal what I have lost. 

Not the loss of you, 

but the loss of me, 

the loss of chance. 

The loss of the future.

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