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No Time to Run Out of Time

March 21, 2022
By EmeryMJacobson BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
EmeryMJacobson BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
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"Quit... don't quit. Noodles... don't noodles. You are too concerned with what what was and what will be. There is a saying, yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery but today is a gift. That is why it is called the present." - Master Oogway

Do I have time?

Sure I do,

I can slot you in between nine and five,

After I do the talent show,

I’m sure that I can handle it,

Definitely, I have time.

 I need to decorate the cake,

  And go on a run,

   Because how else am I going to train for my PE’s required Marathon?

    The run I mean, not the cake,

     Sometimes it’s hard to keep all these figures straight,

      But yes I have time.

       Including the birthday, and the test,

        Those are all the things I have to do,

         So don’t worry I can get you in,

          No problem at all,

           No you are not a bother,

            Like I said I have the time.

             Oh dear I have another test,

              And is that a project for my English class?

               It’s okay, I can do it,

                No sweat, nothing to it,

                 Wait, piano lessons are tonight?

                   No matter, I have time.

                    Yes I will help you,

                     Yes I can walk your dog,

                      Thank you Ms. Catherine, I understand the homework,

                       The days continue, hours are slipping by,

                         No, no!

                          I have time.

                             A silent moment,

                             I can calm down for a while,

                              But I know I must be forgetting something,

                               There is something I haven’t done,

                                The phone is ringing and…

Oh crap.

I forgot to pick up the neighbor's son.

But yes I have the time,

I have all the time,

But maybe not when I said we could,

There are things I just cannot ignore,

How about we do it another day,

Next week? 


I have the time.

The author's comments:

Everyone feels stressed, and everyone has their difficult weeks. Sometimes this is just because of a crazy busy schedule. Often I feel like I do not have the time to run out of time. Every moment is precious but sometimes we fill our lives with so many "things I just cannot ignore" that we forget to live in those moments. In a sense of irony when we are so busy making sure every moment is filled with something to use our time "wisely" we actually lose it.

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