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An unknown feeling

January 13, 2022
By Ayesha_786 SILVER, Islamabad, Other
Ayesha_786 SILVER, Islamabad, Other
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I wept while looking at the lonely sky,

I was again reminded that I didn’t try,

I tried to hold back but my heart screamed,

It wasn’t like anything I had ever dreamed,

I felt a sudden pain in my heart,

Like someone had poked it with a dart,

It was a feeling I wasn’t familiar with,

I knew it wasn’t true, it was just a myth,

I felt despair running through my veins,

It was killing me without any blood stains,

I wanted to console my heart but failed,

It was too late! That broken ship had already sailed,

Suddenly, a shinning star caught my eye,

It’s light made me fell sleepy like a lullaby,

The star asked my heart to give it a last try!

It wiped my tears and flew back to the sky!

The author's comments:

This poem is based on the mental issues that the youth of today faces. We are all afraid to admit our fears and are scared to admit the fact that we're desperate and heartbroken. Sometimes all a person needs in their difficult times is a little bit of hope and support. This poem is a perfect answer to the question " What kind of felling is this?"

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