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2022 Traditions Contest : The tale of every monsoon

January 8, 2022
By Ayesha_786 SILVER, Islamabad, Other
Ayesha_786 SILVER, Islamabad, Other
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Every monsoon when the rain falls gently on the dry ground,

A rich aroma suddenly fills the atmosphere,

The smell of the tea and pakoras travels through the street all around,

Smoke rises from the chimneys into the air,

A cup of tea and a heartfelt chat make the evening memorable,

The happiness and joy of these moments is immeasurable,

Family gatherings during monsoon are common,

The homemade pakoras are a speciality, well known!

These little joys act as adrenaline,

They are the only lamps to light up the evening,

This is a common tradition observed in June,

This is the tale of every Monsoon!

The author's comments:

This poem is about the common tradition observed in Pakistan i.e evening tea with pakoras. It is common in our country for people to gather in a relative's house and enjoy the beautiful monsoon season. These evenings are sweet enough to melt the coldest hearts. Though this isn't very rare but it works like magic! 

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