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It's Not Like You Are the Bee

August 23, 2021
By Itsmaanya_25 PLATINUM, Indore, Other
Itsmaanya_25 PLATINUM, Indore, Other
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It's Okay to have butterflies in your stomach, as long as you make them fly in formation

Do you even understand? Do you?
He doesn’t, nor does she,
neither do they,
Hardly anyone does and how would you?
It’s not like you are the bee.

It’s not like you are the bee.
Traveling from one flower to next.
I feel sorry for you out there,
missing the beauty of nature, busy in a text.

I know we aren’t the best of buddies;
not with that tense past,
where you kill us for kicks,
and we do a little wiggle and a jiggle,
after stinging you at last.

It’s not like you are the bee.
But like I say,
I feel sorry for you,
So let me be your guide for a day.

Get ready to fly with us,
to a natural getaway.
We just have a simple rule-

It’s not like you are the bee (yet).
But with a zip, a zap and a woosh,
honey (bee) I shrunk the kids,
Stop that buzzing newBEES. SHUSH!

Welcome to the Bee World,
where everything sweet you’ll find.
But before we start the tour,
keep two things in mind.

It’ll take time to adjust,
don’t get scared,
when everything seems huge and wild
and there is a lot of nectar-sucking,
so GET LOST if you are on a diet.

Let’s buzz off to the beehive first,
where we are grown and nurtured,
I’ll show you the Queen Bee’s throne,
and the pattern that Dalton used,
to describe how cells are structured.

Now, it’s time to meander in the meadows,
this is the most exciting sector.
pollinating on the way,
We’ll treat ourselves to a glass of nectar.

That’s all for today,
Hope you learned your lesson.
Hope you realize what you’re missing on.
and henceforth give nature more attention.

Just keep one more thought in mind,
kind-hearted fellas like us are hard to find.





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on Jan. 16 2022 at 11:16 am
Ela2611 PLATINUM, Vancouver, Columbia
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Give the ones you love , the wings to fly roots to come by and reasons to stay …….

Hi @Itsmaanya_25 , this is a nice poem 👍