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August 12, 2021
By Itsmaanya_25 PLATINUM, Indore, Other
Itsmaanya_25 PLATINUM, Indore, Other
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The silence is deafening,
It pains my ear,
It pains my heart,
when they look at me
and condescendingly sneer.

I know,
I know the secret’s out.
Why else would they whisper behind my back?
Why else would they treat me with soundless scorns,
and use those judgemental pouts to attack?

It was just a tiny slip,
that was never meant to occur,
a moment of weakness,
now I might have a lifetime of suffer.

Sometimes, we are so absorbed in ourselves,
we are blinded with delusion,
when will we understand,
we aren’t always the centre of a conversation.

Has it ever happened to you?
Have you ever scenarized the worst?
Have you ever made a mountain out of a molehill?
In my case, they were laughing at a viral tweet,
not eyeing me with a sneer of disgust.

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