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Haunted Heart

August 3, 2021
By Hex SILVER, Raleigh, North Carolina
Hex SILVER, Raleigh, North Carolina
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Dark night
Swirling winds
Demons hiding in the shadows

Broken pieces
Shards of glass
Twisting and twirling in my mind

Haunted dreams
They seem so real
But even reality looks like its fake

Monsters are taking over
I think I’ll be like this forever

Frightening things are lurking

Not far
Nor close

Yet always there
They are taking over
Overruling all my commands

Impossible to catch
Just out of my reach

Monsters hiding in the deep
Demons surfacing during the panic

No one’s looking close enough to see
The scars and scratches as they claw their way out

Stars are gone
Cloudy sky

Forecast’s calling for tears
so I let them fall
Hoping to let them wash the dark away
Instead, they fuel it’s reign

Don’t think I can take anymore
At least not while the shadows grow

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