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What If We're Not Ready?

July 2, 2021
By mossywall GOLD, Newton, Massachusetts
mossywall GOLD, Newton, Massachusetts
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What if we’re not ready?

To take off our blue shields,

And taste the air on our tongues again?

What if leaving them behind,

Will topple the carefully stacked bricks?

What if leaving them behind,

Will send us spiraling upwards,

In another curve?

Will walking through the streets,

Smell of spring blooms,

And fear?

What if we’re not ready?

What if we’re afraid?

To drop the carefully constructed safety net,

And walk without our armor?

What if the world isn’t ready?

What if the pandemic isn’t either?

What if no one is ready for the world to be normal again?

What if normal,

Is a nightmare?

A gambling game,

With stakes of lives,

With every question,

Every doubt,

Fear sprouts in the back of our minds,

Leaving behind,

Our blue guardians,

To drift in the coldness of the wind,

Leaving behind,

The feeling of safety,

As we tumble through the night,

What if we’re not ready?

What if the touch of summer heat on our lips,

Is in truth the torch that sets us ablaze?

What if we’re not ready?


Not a question,

For I know the gambling game,

We play.

A plea…


Let us be ready.

The author's comments:

This was written shortly after the mask mandate ended in Massachusetts, to show the mixed feeling and emotions surrounding it.

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