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This is Life

March 24, 2021
By AtlasK PLATINUM, Tirana, Other
AtlasK PLATINUM, Tirana, Other
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Leave loose 
Let it go 
The longer you hold 
The longer the road 
Turn away, turn away 
Better hope you escape 
Because there’s no coming back from the river of hate 
Yours or theirs it’s all the same 
It all leads to misery and pain. 
Through the darkness 
Through the light 
I never said I did anything right. 
The pain lies inside of me 
Too dark to show, too dark to see 
That life is crumbling. 
How did I get here anyway? 
How did I fall so far so deep? 
Why can’t I free myself? Well, it’s not that easy. 
All my doubt starts to creep in 
Am I all alone? 
Or will somebody find me? 
I bury the thoughts inside my head 
It’s like a part of me is dead 
I never asked for any of this 
But I’m still standing here 
I haven’t given up 
Not yet, not now.

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