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March 5, 2021
By Rain_Hanahaki SILVER, Plainfield, Illinois
Rain_Hanahaki SILVER, Plainfield, Illinois
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"Give up on your dreams and die" -Levi

I stand next to you even if I know I shouldn't...

Even the thought of you causes my lungs to swell,

the intoxicating feeling of being with you makes me crave to never leave your side.


I know it's for the best that I leave but I can't,

the idea of being without you leaves me with a heavy heart.


The thought of your love is so sweet that being without it makes it hard to breathe. 


As the days I stay grow my lungs began to become heavier as the flowers bloom...

They spread like a disease; it's truly a beautiful tragedy. 


My love for you remains as I watch you fall. 

A tragedy indeed.


The punishment for my selfish wish to stay beside you is death.

A punishment that I accept fully with open arms. 

But this acceptance causes the flowers in my throat to bloom. 


I had never once seen these feelings I carry as a burden,

Much rather they are seen as a blessing. 

I have committed the crime of loving one who would never reciprocate those feelings 

Therefore the flowers will swallow me whole. 


A field, one like that we lay in is what has become of me.

The flower crowns on our heads. 

You are the reason I live and yet you will be the reason I die. 


Once I become one with the flowers you shall find out about my feelings. 

And there I wish to bloom in your heart and forever be with you.

The author's comments:

Unrequited love is a part of life but the end of some. 

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