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The Pursuit

December 4, 2019
By Qudsia PLATINUM, Aligarh, Other
Qudsia PLATINUM, Aligarh, Other
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bravest of you are not those who can defeat a lion but the ones who can defeat anger

It stemmed from a photograph,

This dream of mine,

Of a woman,

Against the jovial blue sky.

Her body,

Soaked in the puddle of sunlight,

Her hair, aligned with the wind,

her lips,

stretched in the essence of beautiful tulips.

I chased that dream,

through every labyrinth and seldom rocky ways,

through the tangle of my nerves,

 and the web of my tears.

 through the spines of utterances and the arrows of society.

 I crossed every fence,

 bruised and battered,

 I stepped my foot  in the yellow fields,

I too spread my arms and lift my chin to kiss the sun that had long been waiting

Only to find the scorch of the sun and bites over my feet

And that yellow no longer was my favorite color.

As I paused, the wind blew another photograph in my face.

The author's comments:

i had completely stopped writing poetry since i had been preparing for my medical entrances. now that i have got in, and have low stress levels in my firsy week of college,i tried writing. i felt the feelings clog up in my throat and i was just unable to express myself as well asi could before. it was really difficult for me to bbring out words. this is one of the few pieces i have tried to compose since then. i am aware of how terrible it is but this is an effort to get out of the passivity that comes with medical school where one has to cram in insane aounts of information. this is my rebirth. 

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