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The Thoughts of the Stargazer

October 15, 2019
By annakim0127 BRONZE, Irvine, California
annakim0127 BRONZE, Irvine, California
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Favorite Quote:
To the stars who listen— and the dreams that are answered.”
― Sarah J. Maas, A Court of Mist and Fury

Like a velvet cape

It drapes down onto the corners of the Earth

Sweeping us under its glorious darkness

A peaceful one, not gloomy nor angelic

Just dark, the perfect night

One that reminds us of a soft song 

Which echoes in our childhood

The velvet cape glimmers with the wind

Speckles of light which pokes through the holes

Dull light tries to reach the ends of the ground

But many fail to beat the dark 

There may be one or two 

Which shines like a sweet memory 

A story to be told within the night,

Of the battles of heroes and the death of some

And how the stars took their mantles

To gather the words and souls of the stories told by man

And create patterns of phenomenon 

All I can do is wonder

As I sit down on this chair, 

gazing at the velvet cape and its few speckles

What do they think of us?

The ones all the way here

On the very bottom, who can only gaze up

And wonder about the glorious fantasies

That happen way above our very reach. 

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