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False Lover

July 23, 2019
By IffatMemon SILVER, Carbondale, Illinois
IffatMemon SILVER, Carbondale, Illinois
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Fake and Meaningless,

All your words, and every kiss

Those sweet words you’d say to me,

I felt so light and finally free.


I gave you my heart, you threw it away

I gave you my love, nothin’ more to say

I was blinded by you, your dazzling charm,

I never saw, how you truly are


Fragments of my heart,

Float endlessly.

I fall apart, 



Days go by, I see your remnants,

White lies and false bliss.

You weren’t true

You infidel


I see you dancing with another girl

I try to smile — 

But I love you still

You’re unknowing in newfound bliss


Your false sweetness, caring, all the lies, 

all lead to my own demise


Why do I hold you close in my heart, despite it all?

Why do I torment myself with your happiness,

When I am left with emptiness 


Over and over, the cycle repeats

’Til one day, I find peace


All you’ll ever do is hurt those in your trampled past

Truthfully, you’ll never last.

I’m over you, you’re with someone new

My heart’s in a new place


For I have found true bliss

From within

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