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The Brick

May 29, 2019
By PoeticMan GOLD, Fort Worth, Texas
PoeticMan GOLD, Fort Worth, Texas
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"It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable."

- Socrates

Have you ever wondered what time was like, Far, far back before you were even a tyke?Journeying back to long, long ago brings about many memories,

Memories one solitary, lonely brick can show.

The year was 1829, when everyone seemed so happy and fine

Living in a little town, one that was free from the notorious British Crown.

The town was guarded by a small river against the neighboring earth,

And the church spire stood like a sentinel portraying his worth.

Snow routinely gathered on this village, bringing joy,

All the while making even the grumpy old man seem again a young little boy.

As the lights turned out, one by one, small shadows gathered on the white blanket,

And even brought outside the evening marriage banquet.

As the years moved on, hopeful and ecstatic,  

Many rejoiced, until a small fire spawned in an attic.

The men rushed out, fought with all their might,

But the fire kept on growing, eventually winning the fight.

Many years later a developer came flying overhead,

deciding that this indistinguishable piece of land would soon be built on in honor of his newlywed.

As equipment flowed in, one shipment at a time,

It stood clear that this land would soon be free of grime.

In the place of the old classic church would be a new town hall,

Envisioned as a welcoming sight to all.

Up went new neighborhoods on foundations of old,

While the river was manually dried up and its water sold.

Shortly, all work was done and cars, men, and women began to migrate down,

Scuffing up all knowledge of the original, burnt town.

Actually, just one piece of evidence remains:

A cracked, worn old brick buried under the newly-paved lanes.

This brick lives on to tell the tale of what society used to be,

Before tons of innovation when nature was free.

But after all, didn’t we still hold on to glee?

The author's comments:

“The Brick” illuminates the fact that, even though communities continue to progress as time moves on, small, seemingly-insignificant relics such as the brick serve as a reminder to bring us back to our heritage and what society once was like.

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