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The Singer

January 14, 2019
By AutumnNolan GOLD, Cresco., Iowa
AutumnNolan GOLD, Cresco., Iowa
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Oh please little boy

Look before the world

That you desperately

Try to separate yourself from

Oh please cry out

All that you have seen

And all that you have been

Oh little boy

Eyes full of wonder and blue

Please pick up that guitar

I know that they all think it to be bizarre

Oh but sweet little boy

Please make them cry

For all that they have not tried

The stage is lite

The rage is on fire

All you got to do

Is step up

Pick up that all you can be

Raise your voice

Be heard to be with herd

Be who you are

Be who you need to be

You are fire

That is so dire

Everywhere you look

They are looking right back at you

Cause they need your desire to light there own life on fire

With a single word

They would be down with a beat

It’s your chance now

It’s your choice

it’s your stage

It’s your crowd

Tell me you are down with me now

This is your life

This is your mic

You are the singer

The author's comments:

this is a song about a singer

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