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Lady Liberty Takes a Tumble

December 20, 2018
By Anonymous

I sent Liberty my deepest condolences,

And I sent America everything I had.

I got no more than a bill stained with forehead sweat,

And a forgotten dream,

A few aliens, too.

I remember that the envelope had been soaked,

His plastic DNA blossoming from it.

His plastic everything blossoming from it.

Seven springs forth and eats Nine alive,

And Seven loves Nine, but Nine refuses Seven,

And Six has fallen behind again, probably because of Seven,

Because ignorance and blind intolerance inevitably leads to only death and destruction.

I learned that in Liberty’s textbook,

And I also learned that Seven’s a tiny tyrant.

And Liberty taught me how to learn without running again,

Without screeching gunman! Gunman!

Murder! Murder!

For the words echo the halls for less than a second,

My Seven trumpets are shot dead.

I untangle the strings that etches my voice,

And I cry racism, homophobia, ableist,

Fascist, bigot, idiot, tyrant,

Corruption, disaster, star,

Orange, traitor, wax man,

Impeachment, ostrich, father,

Money pig, transphobia,

Death’s darkest horse, loveless case of swine flu,

God’s only mistake, stink bug,

The lice slowly eating away our scalps, a false preacher,

Rapist, Macbeth! The cursed name doth return!

And division.

Censor my senses,

I wish no more to be human but a husk,

Mindless as a click my keys to type scribbles that vaguely spell humanity.

Liberty conceals my words, their words,

And words are nothing more but scribbles,

Until we realize they are mortal.

And verses are no more than a collection of uselessness,

Until we realize that the sounds pronounce empathy.

I’ll sell you a poem,

And I’ll ask you to send it to Liberty,

For she is growing frail,

And doesn’t understand that.

Write the protest in stone and braille.

Freedom is for the blind,

And freedom is naught but a shadow lurking in a corner,

A corner of a room on fire.

Send Liberty a letter,

I want a life in return.

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