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December 17, 2018
By MiraculousMiracles SILVER, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
MiraculousMiracles SILVER, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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We are all in a simulation,I am awake

If there were two chairs

The boy sat apart from view

You’d ask to sit beside him

He’d move farther from sin

Though he claimed and said i'm fine

He knew he wouldn’t

Dare cross that line…

Between good and bad

Oh how really sad…

If you touch the blood from gods

The sun and stars grew brighter in the night sky

Do you feel like it now he’s different

And he’s proud..

He wrote bigger tales than he told

You’d think he was bluffing

But instead he’s just glad

You're gone from his view…

Never had the guts to say…


I love you..

Breathing in my sweet fumes

Tell me you're ready

To tell your doom

Just crawl in your tomb

Trying to avoid the fools

Who have have no room

For the intelligence  

He shall pursue

His dreams.

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