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Ode to Depression

December 1, 2018
By Anonymous

Friend, my feet are tired,

And bloodied.

Friend, I love to dance with you,

But how do your feet stay ever dainty on shards?

Friend, if I had one wish it would be that I liked veins and muscles and the epitome of men,

Because then we’d have something to talk about, and maybe we could like each other a little more.

Friend, if I had another wish it would be that I could be attracted to those I haven’t met,

Because then everything would be a lot more obvious.

Genies are creatures of fables.


Always sadly.

Don’t I have three wishes?

I wish we could all be people instead of men and women.

Friend, why is everything so confusing?

I can no longer tell if our bond is ill or thriving.

Friend, why are your doors still all locked?

I’ve been knocking for ages now.

Friend, why have you been locking me in with you?

I can’t say whether I am happy or sad.

Friend, I love to analyze and deconstruct everything.

It’s what I do instead of confronting them myself.

Friend, it’s probably a summer night somewhere.

I want to go outside and feel a happy atmosphere once again.

Friend, why must everything be articulated in order for it to be valid?

Why does everything go by a name and definition?

Friend, I want to meet someone I can genuinely love,

But it’s a world where cherry lips can only meet rock hard ones.

Friend, it’s hard to be happy when the world is so limiting.

I don’t want school, I want education.

I don’t want a job, I want ambition.

I don’t want marriage, I want people who love one another,

Platonic or romantic.

I don’t want a big city, I want a home between the two of us.

I don’t want a girlfriend, I want a person.

I don’t want to be female, I want to be human.

I don’t want to be queer, I want to be loving.

I don’t want friends, I want relationships.

I’m tired.

I’m bloodied.

You have to understand.

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