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November 9, 2018
By ellarobiinson BRONZE, Sydney, Other
ellarobiinson BRONZE, Sydney, Other
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“No hope without faith, no faith without hope, no love without trust, no trust without love. Remove one and the entire human house of cards collapse.”
-Rick Yancey, The Infinite Sea.

Dust to dust,
start to finish,
it’s who she is.
A pair of hands,
gripping the branches of a waratah tree,
pulling it’s owner up towards the canopy.
Radiant sunlight filtering across her rosy cheeks,
The ghost of a smile playing across her lips as she plucks a bud off a twig.
Ebony fingers pry the petals outwards, forcing the crimson flower to blossom before it’s ready.
Carelessly she lets it drop from her hands and a story her wiyangahad told her as a small child comes to mind.
The smile flickers, replaced by a frown.  
The Sky Father Baime had left the Earth, looking for his daughter, the rain God wuluwaid.
All the animals died as all the water dried up.
But her people had always mentioned the flowers.
They dropped to the ground and withered.
When wuluwaid finally ran through the valley looking for her father,
She swept the flowers away with her beautiful long hair.
When Baime found her crying on top of a mountain,
He too began to cry.
But he cried tears of joy.
As they fell to the ground, they too sprang to life.
Rivers, lakes, oceans, people.
Man, woman and child, all together as one.
With the trees came flowers.
So she is not as different to the the Earth as she might’ve once thought.
And the guilt she feels for hurting the flower, she feels too.
Deep in her waril.
Deep in her heart.
She is one with the Earth.
And the Earth is one with her.

The author's comments:

This story is written from a young Australian Aboriginal girl's perspective, describing the creation of flowers. Enjoy xx

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