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Our Classroom Clock

November 5, 2018
By CoryReasor BRONZE, Hermiston, Oregon
CoryReasor BRONZE, Hermiston, Oregon
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I am always being watched by someone       

I wonder why I seem so important to everyone

I hear children whispering to each other, there pencils tapping, and sometimes phones ringing

I see children and their tired, bored eyes staring at me

I want to know what they want from me but still…

I am always being watched by someone

I pretend that I am of some importance

I feel the boredom in there tired eyes

I touch the next minute marke every 60 seconds yet their eyes still stare

I worry that one day that everyone will disappear for a long time

I cry when no one shows up and I'm left to tick alone but still…

I am always being watched by someone

I understand that they watch me for a reason

I say something only they can read

I dream day after day… the same routine

I try not to think about the time after the snow melts and everyone leaves for a long time

I hope that one day I will have a friend to tick with but…

I am always being watched, always moving in the same place I have been for a long time

The author's comments:

I would think that in every classroom it has a clock and if that clock could thoughts then this is what it would proprobly thing about  

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