September 13, 2018
By AutumnNolan GOLD, Cresco., Iowa
AutumnNolan GOLD, Cresco., Iowa
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My rival lays in the river

My concern and doubt lays in the rocks nearby

They say I’m insane 

they say what I did was injustice 

what I did was not cruel or inhuman

But there was a horde of them

A horde of monstrous beasts

 I refused to let them separate me

From my knowledge 

I had the spirit to be fearless 

I had the longing

I had the longing to arise 

to climb to the top of the mountain

they say it is forbidden 

Because people like us

should not  roam that far from the black gates

Unless we see the gold that shines like the sun in the sky 

but brighter

It was scarce for someone like me to arise

My kind of  people run and hide from the freedom

 from the free will of the warriors

Many say to us 

Will those who dare to walk into the town full of darkness

That rising is not like the sinful taste of snug and compact pain and fear

Like we thought 

But it tastes

like the sorcery magic 

like freedom and glory more than that

But we could not  be told to stop and drop what we were doing 

what we were doing to do something they told us

 we should not 

 we obeyed them

 the soothing touch of familiarity left behind 

I made a special decision 

Once the lights of the sun shined through my gates

 I run

I run over the unit of doubt 

the unit of fear

I run over the unit of lies 

I run from the stressful life of mine

 From the strict voices

 from the strong 

the fearful beasts 

people called them the supreme fear

 the one beast that held me back

 Now I see they were wrong

 the voices were wrong 

the brightness did not matter

 I was tired of the fear 

Now I see I won 

as I glance over the edge of the mountain viewing the black gates 

and the people who did not know what they would be missing

 I see the world lite up in gold

 In light 

and  it is the sun 

I won the battle 

the battle of fear 

and of doubt 

now you see i have free will

The free will to be me

 I have won your honor 

I have won my will back

So do what you will 

I have but one plea 

A plea that one day all those who want to conquer 

Let them conquer 

Like those before them 

they shall be the ones that make the world brighter

and they will remember those 

who have conquered before them

The author's comments:

this is a poem I made. when I thought there was nothing in this world I could conquer. so I made this so that anyone who thought they couldn't do anything. that just maybe it could inspire them.

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