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A Minute From Death

September 10, 2018
By CelineK GOLD, Fortlee, New Jersey
CelineK GOLD, Fortlee, New Jersey
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“There something hidden in all of us. Small gift waiting to be discovered.” ~Jacqueline Woodson

Eyes begin to burn,

Oh how water can hurt like flames.

Lungs begin to tighten,

Only the throat can’t seem to gain.

Hands begin to quiver,

Almost time to knock the bow.

Only going to shoot a sliver,

Of unscrewing my sorrow.

Tears race down my cheeks,

Running like there’s no tomorrow.

As my sight begins to clear,

Screaming in pain is no less than a tear.

As mourning begins to near,

The only hurt is the sound heard by thy ears.

The gash digs only deeper;

White flashes to red,

Only to reveal the grim reaper.

I pray to hold on,

To hold on to you in the arms of death.

To never let go,

Even when I breathe my last breath

The author's comments:

This piece was inspired by such a silly thing that I have been thinking A LOT about; Vampire Diaries. I have gotten very emotional during the deaths with certain characters and there loved ones by their side. Recently, I have watched Bonnie trick Enzo to turn his humanity switch back on by staying in a burning house. These couple minutes brought utter joy to Enzo Turing humanity switch back on for Bonnie, and how Bonnie risked her life to get back the Enzo she loved. Enzo’s eyes revealed his vulnerability when watching Bonnie die, which flipped his switch. 

I completely broke down for my favorite couple. This reoccurred many times with different situation, mostly romantic situations. This whole piece wasn’t entirely about Vampire Diaries, (duh, that would be some major over-analyzing), but also was mixed in with the gut feeling of crying.


I hope you enjoy the silly deep meaning of this poem!

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