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May 28, 2021
By Lyra_stardust GOLD, Tirupati, Other
Lyra_stardust GOLD, Tirupati, Other
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Raising to such heights
Soaring high above my world
I can feel you relishing your gaze upon me
Not so subtle, I see you smirking
Every day I await the nightfall,
For that's when you mark me yours
They call us lovers, but is that what we are?
Countless attempts to reach you
Astonishingly succeeded in failing each time
Tired of chasing after you, I wanted to quit
Not surprised when you pull me back
Feeling on the verge but you caught me in a loop
For time unknown to the mankind to loan
I don't mind it really,
Don't mind longing for that vague kiss that flutters the life out of me

"Would it kill you to stay longer?"
"Yes. Not, just me, but also you"

The author's comments:

Writing about feelings or emotions I've never felt... in this piece I've used the love story between the waves of the mighty ocean and the magnificent moon as a metaphor.

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