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Happy Mother's Day

May 11, 2017
By LinaBlack PLATINUM, Marshalltown, Iowa
LinaBlack PLATINUM, Marshalltown, Iowa
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Happy Mother's Day

to ever mother reading this today

To the brith mom who of course gave us life

To the adopted, or stepmom who tries to gives us a better life

To the aunt who acts more like our best friend

To the grandmother who we'll love to the very end

To all the mothers

we want to thank you so much

for puting up with us

for every kind and loving touch

So, thank you and have a wonderful day

After all you've done you deserve it today


A specail thank you to the mother (my aunt) driving me to wotk today

And all my love to my grandma whos proably got her hands full making sure grandpas well, and ok (Hes old, but his heart isn't)

Then a shout out to my brith mom who now lives miles and miles away (I hope you like FL, I'll be ok)

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