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Sightless Revelation

March 19, 2009
By Kay Matthews PLATINUM, Bolton, Massachusetts
Kay Matthews PLATINUM, Bolton, Massachusetts
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You are pushing me slowly over the cliff of my sanity,
I am falling through clouds of depression,
I try and smile but I bought none,
Cause you weren’t supposed to be my own worst enemy,
I eat self doubt for breakfast,
Too weak to even cry,
Always regretting future mistakes from my spotless past,
Insults it seems, you have an infinite supply,
You’re such a knave it’s bona fide,
I’m stuck in this vast doldrum,
Cause my eyes seem to be shut wide,
If only I didn’t have legs then maybe I could run,
I ran away to Insomnia,
Left here clothed with nudity,
Sometimes I forget to put my actions to ideas,
But this train wreck is so pretty,
I’ve been diagnosed with a severe case of laziness,
With symptoms of being numbness,
Causing me to honestly confess,
That you have triggered all this distress,
Sometimes I suffocate in your eye contact,
You seem to have a tornado impact,
Shredding and tearing about all I used to be,
Why can’t you understand that you ruined me?

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