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All These Steps

March 16, 2009
By Kelsey McGlynn BRONZE, Shoreline, Washington
Kelsey McGlynn BRONZE, Shoreline, Washington
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Imagine me, standing on the wide porch, watching the rain hit the still waters of our pond. Imagine me, leaning heavily against a pillar, my own hair soaked and straggly. Imagine me, once tall and proud, now unable to hold my own shape together.

Follow me, down the road, running lightly and swiftly. Follow me, past the scant and empty forest, filled with nightmares and mysteries. Follow me, down to the banks of the pond, shimmering in the sunlight.

Hold me, as we stop, just feet from the edge of its glowing surface. Hold me, as I lean back, searching for you numbly. Hold me, as I voice my wishes for this world.

Drink me, let me wash away, all this sorrow and despair. Drink me, take everything I ever was, within your own perfect being. Drink me, allowing me to finally feel complete.

Help me, forget I am not, will never be, good enough for you. Help me, understand that this is all I can be, and say it's everything. Help me, as I open my heart, to you.

Promise me, you will never, go away from me. Promise me, that you will always, be there, for me. Promise me, that we won't change, that we will stay, trapped in this moment.

Remind me, that you are all I will ever, ever, want. Remind me, that you are, the best thing that's ever happened to me. Remind me, that I am stupid, for even thinking, about leaving you.

Remember me, when I have gone, away from you. Remember me, whenever you see a lone leaf, dancing to its own wind. Remember me, when you think back, to days of summery bliss.

Leave me, and all the things I showed you, in the past. Leave me, behind on a dark road, snared in yesteryear. Leave me, and everything you were, locked tightly in a box.

Tell me, you have moved on, you don't want my words anymore. Tell me, you're done, with everything I made you believe in. Tell me, that you're over, that it's all gone.

Forgive me, for hurting you, and abandoning you when I said I wouldn't. Forgive me, for being the way I am, for always running away. Forgive me, when I finally come back, like I always do.

Love me, from now, until forever ends. Love me, for being the way I am, hating everything with it. Love me, so when we meet again in ten years, you can look at me, and think'

Imagine me. Follow me. Hold me. Drink me. Help me. Promise me. Remind me. Remember me. Leave me. Tell me. Forgive me. Love me.

All these steps of me.

The author's comments:
um, kind of what I feel. Felt.

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