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I'll be in the Sky

March 20, 2009
laurenfromiowa PLATINUM, ., Iowa
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When I let go of who I am, I become what I might be

It was still dark and the rain still wet
As I stumbled out into the meadow blind
I was showered with regret
I was unsure of what I wanted to find

Until a shadow became clear in the black
Grief washed over my body
Happiness, sorrow, I knew he was back
As he appeared disembodied

His ghastly self levitated and blessed me
From his lips he begin a word
His angelic soul spoke quite elegantly
I could not speak my words were slurred

I love you now and always will
From this life, I have gone on
I hope your dreams you will fulfill
Your life has just begun

His soul gracefully took a kneel
bowed his head my way
and a pair of wings he did reveal
And took my breathe away

I called out desperately
wanting to cry
Where will you be kept from me?
he replied
his wings now in full view
I'll be in the sky
Looking upon you
Sometimes life is sweet and sometimes it is tart
Look up closely at the stars
I'll forever be in your heart
Don't my taking keep you from being who you are
this is until we meet again and spend eternity
Don't mistake this for goodbye
its only until we are free from life's captivity
I'll be in the sky

And with a smile he was gone
A trail of gold he left behind
and out in the horizon it was almost dawn
The sun and his spirit became entwined

Everything felt surreal
my mouth became dry
Was it simply fake or very real?
All I could do was look to the sky

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