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Ticci Toby

January 10, 2017
By LinaBlack PLATINUM, Marshalltown, Iowa
LinaBlack PLATINUM, Marshalltown, Iowa
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Favorite Quote:
First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. - Gandhi

They say that I'm lucky because I lived, but my sister painfully died.

I on the other hand can't feel pain,but I..I

Can't stop hearing the car's metallic crunch

Can't stop hearing my sisters painful screams

have lost one of the only two people that I love


Then to my surpize I came home to my dead beat dad

Of course he would come here but not the hospital

But my mother and me don't need him here I wish I could get rid of him

Yes, the voices in my head told me Kill him, Get rid of him, Kill him

.......and so I did....THE END

The author's comments:

I love creepypastas, this is for fans of TICCI TOBY.

Read,Enjoy, and comment.

Thank You

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