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March 10, 2009
By scribedreams SILVER, Allison Park, Pennsylvania
scribedreams SILVER, Allison Park, Pennsylvania
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You are running in circles
on crooked paths
in mysterious spaces.
Running a race against
time, life, society.
You are fleeing the scene
of pointless existence
and searching for another way.

You don't want to stop,
pace yourself, think.
You are running from
the confines of limitations,
empty dreams, fruitless priorities.
What will you find beyond
the grain of the ordinary?

You are afraid of the
challenges ahead.
You don't want to
throw caution to the wind.
You want to stop running,
to turn back and face reality.
But you keep running,
even if it leads to uncertainty.
You keep running, even though
you don't know where to go.
You keep running, even if
you can't run any further.

But why do you run if
you're running from the inevitable?
Maybe it's better to stand still.

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