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And i love you..

March 2, 2009
By SierraWilkerson SILVER, Old Hickory, Tennessee
SierraWilkerson SILVER, Old Hickory, Tennessee
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The sun rises and sets, the sky bursts alive with the colors of life'
And I think of you
I'm walking through a crowd of new faces, yet I can only see yours'
And I need you.
There are stars above me burning brightly against the endless dark, but never as bright as your eyes, those perfect spheres of brown and gold that warm my heart even on its coldest of nights'
And I miss you.
There's a playlist in my head of our songs and there always on repeat, the words spill across my lips as each song grows louder. But your voice is still my favorite sound, how I live for the calm reassurance of love in your voice'
And I listen for you.
The very thought of you sends a wave of something magical through me, I can see the image of you lips moving with mine, our fingers laced together, I need your touch'
And I crave you.
The sweetness of your words, the meaningful things you say, and every cute, funny thing you do '
And I smile because of you.
When you call me baby it means I'm yours, and I feel safe. When I think about the future you're always by my side, when I close my eyes were together, I feel you'
And I dream of you.
When I have a blank page and a pen in hand the words seem to flow'
And I have inspiration because of you.
You tell me this is real, and I believe you. You tell me this is forever, and I trust you.
And I found trust because of you.
There are scars on my soul to match the scars of my heart, and often the ghosts of my past haunt me, I find that the world can be so cruel and impossible, and baby, sometimes I'm so weak'
And I have the strength to make it through because of you.
People walk in and out of my life, but you stay. Things change, but my feelings for you never falter. Nothing could kick my heartbeat off track, nor steal the breath from my lungs, or take the smile off my face because I have you'
And 'I love you.

The author's comments:
I wrote this for the only guy i've ecery really loved.

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