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Unchain my heart

May 12, 2016
By Prathap PLATINUM, Bangalore, Other
Prathap PLATINUM, Bangalore, Other
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All's fair in love and war. Everyone loves everyone else, and the whole world is at war. So anything that you do is fair... break a girl's heart and tell me that, I'll believe you.

Unchain my heart and let me go
For your love has wavered, or it appears so
Unchain my heart, for it has endured
And relived the trauma that you had cured.

Unchain my heart, set it free
For you are crushing it; can’t you see?
Unchain my heart, let it loose.
For it has been shorted and blown a fuse.

Unchain my heart! Why do you strangle
‘Tis a bull, that you cannot wrangle.
Unchain my heart, for it has known
You were the Queen of my soul; now dethroned.

Unchain my heart, give it back to me
Be gone from my thoughts, set it free.
Unchain my heart and let me find
The long lost feeling of peace of mind.

Unchain my heart and let me be
Of your thoughts, memory and feeling be freed.
Unchain my heart, I beg of thee
For I do not want to be a part of you

I want to be me.

The author's comments:

That feeling you get when your best pleasure turns into your worst nightmare

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