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Sleeping Within the Flowers

February 9, 2009
By krystan saviola SILVER, Niagara Falls, Other
krystan saviola SILVER, Niagara Falls, Other
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I kneel beneath the flowers
To hide from those who take
To sleep away the memories
So I can never wake
I dream of those who watch
In the clouds and sky
When the sun will set
The birds will no longer fly
I listen to the whispers
From the shadows of the day
The showers they will fall
The flowers to bloom in May
I touch the heart of wisdom
From the oak so tall
The silence of the forest
The leaves will one day fall
To walk among the living
Where consciousness is spared
In the land I sink
My dress so ripped and tarred
But I will sleep away
All my pain and tears
To live within the flowers
To escape my fears

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