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Maybe she needs someone.

December 2, 2015
By Sauntering_expressions PLATINUM, New Delhi, Indiana
Sauntering_expressions PLATINUM, New Delhi, Indiana
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Maybe,what you see is not the truth,behind her story!
Maybe she is much more broken than she looks.
Maybe she sleeps with her eyes wet and her heart wounded.
Maybe she needs someone to calm her soul.
Maybe that smile on her face is fake.
Maybe she needs more than she has always asked for.
Maybe she needs someone right beside her.
Maybe she needs more,more love than she gets.
Maybe she is not that strong than she seems.
Maybe she is afraid of something.
Maybe she breaks down to her very last bit,when she looks really fine.
Maybe something or someone can mend her wounds.
Maybe she needs a hand to hold her,every time she falls!
Maybe she needs someone.
Maybe she needs someone.

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