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January 23, 2009
By Sullivan Martz SILVER, Park City, Utah
Sullivan Martz SILVER, Park City, Utah
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She lies
Still, motionless, alone
Her tears drizzle down her face
Like the rain that is falling from the thunderous clouds above
She is hurt.
From the inside out.
The pain that the others put her through
The hurtful words
And the nasty comments.
But she did nothing to provoke their random acts of rudeness
Left to cry her mind to sleep
She runs.
Away from those bullies,
Away from the pain.

Nothing but the still life that surrounds her
The breeze tickles her arms
She lets out a giggle
Forgetting how she got there in the first place
The giggle turns into a laugh
Her hysteric bursts of laugher bounce off the trees that cradle her delicate body

What’s so funny?
Is it the idea that she has no one?
Or just the thought of the loved ones she once held close to her heart
Now hate her for no reason?
The bullies that take control of her life,
Have no idea what they really lost.
A friend
A helping hand
A laugh
A giggle
Or even those hysteric bursts of laughter

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