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True Friends

January 21, 2009
By Becca Stewart GOLD, Mason, Ohio
Becca Stewart GOLD, Mason, Ohio
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They met in the simplest of ways,
Just talking in class
But soon this friendship bloomed
Like a flower into something true

They could share everything
And not be afraid of being judged
And yet could still have inside jokes
About word slips and crazy memories

Through hardship and fun
Through good times and bad
These two stuck together
As if they were bonded together with glue

They lasted from when they were playing with toys
To when they got more serious with boys
They made it through winter spring and fall
By hanging out whenever and wherever they could

They laughed with each other
About their makeup mistakes and their hair cut disasters
And cried in sorrow
When there were relationship disasters like breakups
And family crisis’s like cancer and parents fighting badly

From all this a friendship grew
That would not be stopped
No matter what the odds against them were
For they were true friends for ever

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